News Update April 2017

Thank you for your prayerful interest and concern for the Lord’s people in Zimbabwe. Last year the focus of our news reports was very much centred on the drought the country had experienced and the consequent famine. We asked for prayer for good rains for the growing season from November to March and the Lord has answered prayer in sending abundant rain so that we received the following report from Bulawayo - The rains have been great. Our city's dams are full and we have enough for five years. If this hadn't happened Bulawayo would have become a ghost town. There have been flood victims but as usual the community have responded generously in helping those affected.

As this report implies, whilst the rains have been good, in some areas they have been excessive, not just causing floods but also damage to crops, homes and infrastructure. Another of our partners in the rural areas to the east of Bulawayo wrote the following after a conference of pastors from these rural communities to assess the situation: We started by receiving reports from different parts on how their areas have been affected by floods. All the Pastors reported that their areas had one of the wettest seasons in a long time that has seen rainfall records being broken in all these areas. The incessant rains caused flooding in all the areas that were represented by the Pastors. The floods left some families displaced… roads and bridges were so damaged that some places are very difficult to reach; fields were left waterlogged that people will not get anything from their lands. Some schools were closed as children are unable to cross flowing rivers and one of the schools that were closed is Makamure pre-school. We had a great moment of thanking God for the rains as well as praying for the displaced families and for God`s provision as we are likely to face hunger again in this wet season. Many people are not going to have a harvest from their fields…we therefore had to pray for God`s provision even in a difficult year like this one.

In contrast with this, some areas of the country have good harvests that have not been damaged by the rains and over the next two months the cobs on the maize plants will be allowed to dry out and harden so they can be ground into flour which is then used to produce the staple diet of Sudza. We are thankful that an offer from Barnabas Fund to supply famine relief aid to our contacts in the Bulawayo area means that there will be ongoing famine relief to those communities who have been most badly affected by the excessive rains and have no harvests to reap from their fields.

Theological College of Zimbabwe

We mentioned in our Annual report that this college which is supported by the Trust had experienced great difficulties with the closure of its degree course by the Education Department of Zimbabwe last September. Following protracted negotiations we are thankful to report that the course is due to recommence this month. Please pray for a good influx of students who will be equipped for God’s service through the teaching and training ministry of the college.

Trustees Annual Meeting

The trustees met for our AGM on Saturday 1st April when the treasurer reported that income for the past financial year had amounted to £80,731 and we had distributed £81,481 in support of a variety of spiritual and humanitarian needs among the Lord’s people. At our meeting we allocated a further £26,000 towards ongoing spiritual and humanitarian needs. Join us in giving thanks to the Lord for the substantial increase in giving among the Lord’s people here in the UK enabling us to expand our ministry in Zimbabwe.

Trustees visit in May

Two of our trustees, Derek French and Maciek Stolarski, along with Maciek’s wife Mary, will be visiting Zimbabwe between 5th and 12th May - Derek and Maciek will run the Training of Trainers programme, Mary will lead a two day ladies conference and together they will all be involved in a married couples conference. In addition, on the Sunday they will visit the church of Upwards Machingura, one of the pastors being trained in the ToT, to see the valuable children’s ministry that he runs in the fellowship. Whilst in the past year, because of the drought and famine conditions, the focus has been on the humanitarian needs among the Lord’s people, we remain committed also to supporting them in their spiritual needs. It is also important to stress that the air fares for these visits are all being covered by the Lord’s people independently and there is no charge on the funds of the Trust for these. Please pray for safety in travel and good health for Derek, Maciek and Mary during their time in Zimbabwe

Training of Trainers

The Training of Trainers programme will run from Monday 8th to Friday 12th May when Maciek will be leading sessions on the Story Line of the Bible, Derek will lead sessions on 1 Thessalonians and William Danyere will lead sessions on Colossians (William is a Zimbabwean Pastor). Please pray for these training sessions, that the men who are being taught will, themselves, be able to pass on the teaching they receive to other Pastors around the country through indigenous Preachers Workshops funded through the Trust.

Married couples conference

This will be held on Saturday 6th May when Derek, Maciek and Mary will be involved in bringing Biblical teaching to a group of married couples from the churches. Please pray this would be used by the Lord to strengthen those attending in their understanding of God’s truth and equip them in their service for Him.

Ladies Conference

The Ladies conference, led by Mary Stolarski, will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday – 9th & 10th May and we would ask you to pray for Mary as she leads this and that the teaching and fellowship will be a great encouragement to the ladies attending.

If you would like to give to the work of the Trust donations can be made in a number of ways:-

  • Paid in directly at any branch of the Nationwide Building Society, or online, to the account of Zimbabwe Partnership Trust, Account No 33333334 Sort Code 07-00-93 quoting reference 0216/704206836 (It would be helpful to let Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary, know of your donation, as below, indicating if your gift is specifically for famine relief)
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