News Update - February 2016

Drought and Famine

We write to give you news of the serious conditions in Zimbabwe that have been brought about by the failure of the rains over the past months. The period from November to February is the rainy season the country depends on for growing its crops and this year there has been very little if any rain. As a result the country is facing drought and since many Zimbabwean exist by growing their own crops to feed themselves and their families, many in the country are facing famine.

The following reports from some of our contacts among the Lord’s people in the country reveal just how disastrous the situation is and the urgent need to support the Lord’s people at this difficult time.

William - One of the pastors we work with in the Training of Trainers programme wrote: “Drought in this country has affected us severely. Our field has nothing of substance on it. This is also true to Matthew, Upwards, Wilson, Daniel, and others (these are other pastors.) Things are now more expensive and as a result we have resorted to have one meal a day. During the day, little William and Ethel (children) may have a meal but the rest of us we only eat in the evening. Chimanimani, Bulawayo, Masvingo, Mt Darwin, Hwange, Gweru, Kadoma, Dombomboshawa and Chitungwiza I hear it does not look well in the fields. In Masvingo there is increased incidents of thefts. In Chitungwiza, Harare and others places children are dying of kwashiorkor. Working mothers are not providing enough for their children. The result is that maids end up eating babies’ food and so many babies are suffering from malnutrition. Please pray for us.”

Another contact wrote:

"I was out doing a rural school visit in Nyamandlovu last week, the situation is just dire. One child collapsed on the road to school, hunger. The poor head is beside himself. He spoke about how many of the children are coming to him during the day, complaining of aching bellies, the only advice he can give is to drink water. In a school that has no resources, where the fence posts to their nutrition garden were burnt in a bush fire allowing the goats to come in and eat everything, where teachers cannot afford to support their own families, what can the school do? These children are doomed to never reach potential as their nutritional status is affecting their intellectual development. It is a cruel and tragic time in Zimbabwe."

James Kambudzi, who runs the Tariro Yeupenyu (Hope for Life) goat project funded by ZPT writes:

“This year we have lost a number of orphans due to different reasons I am in pain I don't know what God is having for us. Last week Friday I was working in a community trying to do an assessment on another home on TY work. I arrived at a certain home they called for my help because a woman was dying I was helpless she died and left a child 3 days old. I attended the funeral for 2 days because it was far from home. No bath no food because the family had none. I assessed the child and introduced the caregiver on goat milk and provided a goat from TY, unfortunately the caregiver after 2 days had a journey and left the child with another person who had not enough information on how to prepare the milk. After another 2 days I saw the child at the hospital diagnosed severe dehydration and he died. This made me angry, I was not expecting my Collen Mawaya to die this early because of some people who are not seeing the future of these orphans. On the other hand hunger has disturbed our people here no food, no work, no money, the organisation world food programme only came to help 57 people per village when one village is made up of above 1000 people. They did not allow me to stand for our orphans and as a result none of the orphans was registered to get help - where are they going to get the food? The mealie meal is found in the shops but cost 10$ per 10 kg one person needs 10 kg of mealie meal per month for the next 12 full months, pray for our Zimbabwe, corruption is at its rise, I have no answer neither do you.”

These reports indicate just how dire the situation is in Zimbabwe because of the drought and famine and we anticipate this will deteriorate throughout the year. As a Trust we want to do what we can to respond to this crisis by giving support to the Lord’s people to help meet their needs and those of their families as well as giving help to those who are already involved in feeding programmes. We have a number of contacts in the churches and already support those who are running programmes specifically aimed at helping the most vulnerable in the country – widows and orphans.

Please pray for the country of Zimbabwe at this difficult time, that provision would be made for the nation in this time of drought and famine. Please pray especially for the Lord’s people who are suffering the consequences of this situation. Pray that as a Trust we may have great wisdom in knowing how best to use the resources the Lord has given to express His compassion and care for his people through this crisis.

If you would like to give specifically to the work of the Trust as we support the Lord’s people through this time of famine donations can be made in a number of ways:-

  • Paid in directly at any branch of the Nationwide Building Society, or online, to the account of Zimbabwe Partnership Trust, Account No 33333334 Sort Code 07-00-93 quoting reference 0216/704206836 (It would be helpful to let Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary, know of your donation as below, or by e-mail indicating your gift is for famine relief)
  • Online donations can also be made at
  • Handed directly to one of our trustees
  • By cheque: made payable to Zimbabwe Partnership Trust, Post to: -Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary, 3 Guildhall Road, Worlingham, Beccles, NR34 7SE
  • By standing order - Please contact Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary for the necessary form
  • Gift Aid – If you pay Income Tax and would like to make your gift go further by signing a Gift Aid Declaration, please contact Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary for the necessary form
  • We are also registered as a Charity with CAF to receive donations via this means

Farm Eviction

News has come through this weekend of the forcible eviction of a Christian family from their farm in Zimbabwe. Philip and Anita Rankin have owned the farm for 30 years and, apart from their own family, also employ 40 permanent workers who live with their families on the farm and at least 20 “casuals” during peak season. Please pray for the family and all those affected by this unjust eviction and many more in Zimbabwe who are affected by the oppressive policies of the government.

Thank you for your continued prayer support for the Lord’s people in Zimbabwe and for the work we seek to do as a Trust in ministering to their spiritual and practical needs.

Roger Prime Secretary of ZPT 3 Guildhall Road, Worlingham, Beccles, NR34 7SE 01502 714793