News Update - September 2016

Please pray for the country of Zimbabwe as it continues to experience the crippling effects of the drought and famine alongside the deteriorating economic situation. There has been unrest in the country in recent weeks but thankfully the situation is more peaceful at present. Please pray especially for the Lord’s people as they face the daily struggle of providing for the daily needs of their families under these difficult circumstances.

Drought and famine

One of the pastors we are supporting with famine relief for his community gave this recent update on conditions –“the water situation is getting worse every day, most boreholes are no longer giving out water, some are still, but not enough. There are long queues waiting for water at a borehole, at the same time animals are now walking long distances in search of water. They are no longer drinking water twice a day but only once. Hunger is still there - most families are cooking sadza once a day and school drop outs are at a high rate. The government have started feeding the lower grades at schools but it’s not going well. Many people have started digging wild roots for food and travelling long distances for water.”

We explained in our May update that we had allocated £21000 to provide essential food supplies for famine relief for the six months from April to October and those supplies have been faithfully distributed through our contacts in the churches in Zimbabwe. The following two quotations received indicate how much the support given is appreciated.

“We have had our August food distribution yesterday afternoon and the distribution went on well and people are appreciating your help. The government has promised to give people food some time ago but up to now people have not received anything. We pray that you remain with that kind heart, not only to us, but if the opportunity allows, stretch your hand to others too.”

“Your support is really going a long way in supporting and helping the families of these Pastors to have food on monthly basis in a year like this one where there is drought in the nation. “

The drought and famine will, however, continue for another six months – one Pastor wrote “Probably our rainy season starts in December, that’s when we plough and plant and April is our harvest time. So we still have a huge challenge ahead of us.”

When we meet as Trustees in early November we trust we will be able to send more funds to continue the famine relief feeding programmes already started. We are also concerned that we are able to send money for the purchase of seed for planting ready for the coming growing season. Give thanks to the Lord for the many generous donations we have continued to receive since starting our famine relief programme and please pray we will be able to continue our support for this over the next six months as well as supply resources to buy seed. Please also pray the Lord in His mercy will send good rains to give a good harvest next year.

We have produced a powerpoint presentation about the drought and famine situation that lasts four minutes and is suitable for using in Harvest services or for personal use. It highlights the needs in Zimbabwe and the response of ZPT to these needs, not just in providing funds for the feeding programmes but also the need for resources to purchase seed for planting and fertiliser. If you would like a copy of this please contact our secretary and it can be emailed through.


In our May update we referred to a third borehole, funded by the fellowship at Meadow Way Chapel in Norwich, to be drilled in a rural community. The completion of the project was delayed by two months because of difficulties of getting the funds released from the bank in Zimbabwe as a result of the economic situation there. The project was completed in Mandiva village towards the end of August. Give thanks for the Lord’s provision of clean safe water for this community.

Trustees visit in May

The visit of Derek French, Maciek and Mary Stolarski and Chris Boyes in May went well and was a great encouragement to the Lord’s people they met with. Chris visited James Kambudzi in the Mt Darwin area in the north of Zimbabwe and was able to discuss with James the continued development of the goat project and also the distribution of famine relief supplies in the area. A very helpful married couples’ conference was held on the first Saturday and Mary led two very useful days of conference with the ladies looking at prayers in the Bible. Derek and Maciek spoke at the Training of Trainers conference along with a local pastor William Danyere. The teaching given on Hebrews (Derek), Mark’s Gospel (Maciek) and Colossians (William) was much appreciated by the ten pastors attending. These men are now running the Indigenous Preachers Workshops being held in various areas of the country, passing on the teaching they have received. Give thanks for the blessing and encouragement this visit was to many.

Indigenous Preachers Workshops

These have been held in six different locations so far with more being held over the next three months. These have been led by men trained at the ToT and around 150 pastors have attended who have expressed appreciation for the teaching received. These are held as one day workshops but those attending have expressed that they would like more than just the one day when they meet. Please pray the teaching received will have an impact on the ministry of the pastors in their own churches.

Trustees visit in October

Roger & Gill Prime are planning to fly to Bulawayo arriving on 1st October and staying through to 14th They will be mainly based in Bulawayo visiting various projects supported by the Trust and Roger will also be doing seminars for pastors on the two Wednesdays and Gill will be speaking to ladies groups. Providing the situation in the country remains stable we plan to be in Harare over the weekend 8th/9th October when Roger will speak at a seminar for Brethren elders and Gill will speak to a ladies group. Please pray for safety in travel, for health and strength and for conditions in the country to remain peaceful.

If you would like to give to the work of the Trust donations can be made in a number of ways:-

  • Paid in directly at any branch of the Nationwide Building Society, or online, to the account of Zimbabwe Partnership Trust, Account No 33333334 Sort Code 07-00-93 quoting reference 0216/704206836 (It would be helpful to let Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary, know of your donation.)
  • Online donations can also be made at
  • By cheque: made payable to Zimbabwe Partnership Trust, Post to: -Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary, as below
  • By standing order - Please contact Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary for the necessary form
  • Gift Aid – If you pay Income Tax and would like to make your gift go further by signing a Gift Aid Declaration, please contact Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary for the necessary form
  • We are also registered as a Charity with CAF and Stewardship Services to receive donations.

Thank you for your continued prayer support for the Lord’s people in Zimbabwe and for the work we seek to do as a Trust in ministering to their spiritual and practical needs.

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