News Update - September 2017

Trustees visit in May

Two of our trustees – Derek French and Maciek Stolarski - together with Maciek’s wife Mary, visited Zimbabwe in May for the purpose of running a further Training of Trainers course, a day conference for Pastors and wives and for Mary to run a two day ladies conference. This proved to be a very encouraging week and the following are extracts from the report prepared by Derek on their return to the UK.

This tenth training visit to Zimbabwe proved to be one of the most profitable so far. The first full day was devoted to the couples conference, which comprised mainly of pastors and their wives plus one or two others. Those who attended numbered 27 people. We had expected 40+ but it turned out that some had not been paid for their crops so had no money for travelling. However the day went well with Maciek taking two sessions on the pastor’s life and how he and his wife need to work together to support each other. Derek spoke on the subject of a godly couple with an ungodly child. The subjects at these day conferences tend to cover practical issues, and the discussions following the teaching times were very profitable.

The Training Of Trainers course was held over five days from Monday to Friday. The subjects covered were Colossians 3 & 4 by William Danyere (a Zimbabwean Pastor), God’s Big Picture by Maciek, and 1 Thessalonians by Derek. The teaching sessions went very well and there were many good questions and answers and discussion. These men do have a hunger for the Word of God, which is a mark of their developing spiritual maturity.

The progress made by the men at the TOT course and their ability to pass on the training in the IPW’s bodes well for the future, as it means they can begin to take on more of the training themselves, and not need to have so many visits from us. It is the working out of 2 Timothy 2:2 which has been our aim from the beginning of this work. The Lord is at work in the lives of these men and we must pray he will do even more in coming days.

Mary had a very well attended ladies conference on the Tuesday and Wednesday. 40+ on the first day and 53 on the second. She spoke on faith from Hebrews 10 & 11 and it was much appreciated by the ladies who came.

Indigenous Preachers Workshops

Please pray for the IPW’s being held in the remaining months of this year: 8-11 September – Mt Darwin, 7-10 October – Chimanimani, 17-20 November – Kadoma

Tariro Yeupenyo (Hope for Life) Goat Project We were saddened to hear at the beginning of July that James Kambudzi’s wife Lettie had collapsed and died unexpectedly, leaving James with their 3 children to care for. James has been a key figure in heading up the goat project on the ground in Zimbabwe and was lovingly supported by Lettie in his work for the Lord. Chris Boyes, our ZPT chairman wrote at the time:- ‘James and Lettie have been such key servants of the Lord in their area, gladly serving the Lord even though this meant considerable sacrifice for them in regards to their time and energy and resources, travelling long distances and spending many long hours getting alongside so many needy individuals and bringing practical and spiritual help to so many.’

Please pray for James as he continues to serve the Lord in heading up the ongoing goat project and supports his three children in this time of great sadness. Chirogwe Borehole We have recently jointly funded with Meadow Way Chapel, Norwich the drilling of a further borehole in Zimbabwe. This will be the fourth borehole drilled in that rural area with the support of this fellowship. Gideon Chishamba reports on this project – ‘The Chirogwe community has been known for being very dry and was written off by the government as the area which cannot have meaningful ground water. We are so much grateful to God that the history of the village was turned upside down because we have just been told that the drilling guys got a lot of water.’ The picture records the moment when the drill struck water.

‘The community is really over excited and can`t wait to drink water from their borehole. The borehole is going to be used by 3 villages as well as the clinic that is close by, so it means it will supply a huge group of people with water. The borehole is also going to give the whole ward 18 of Chivi district with an opportunity to have health personnel remaining working in the community as they will be having water throughout the year. It has been difficult for the community to retain nurses at the clinic because of lack of water. So this borehole is not only going to provide safe drinking water to the community but is also going to improve quality of life in the community since nurses will be readily available. We are as excited as the people of the community, it is really a blessing to provide water to a community that has been struggling for years and as well to provide water to health centre where it was difficult for nurses to remain in the area because of lack of water supply. Thank you very much for making this possible, this is really shining the light of Jesus Christ in a community.’

Trustees visit in October

Roger and Gill Prime will be making a further visit to Zimbabwe in October to visit some of the projects supported by the Trust, including this latest borehole, and speak at a number of day conferences for church leaders and ladies. They fly out on 12th October arriving in Bulawayo the following day where they will be based for the first part of their visit. They then move on to Harare for conferences there before flying out from there on 30th October, arriving back in the UK the next day. Roger and Gill would value your prayers for this visit – for safety in travel, health and strength and wisdom and grace to fulfil all their commitments during this trip.

Thanksgiving and Prayer

Give thanks for the blessings and encouragement on the trustees visit in May Pray for the ongoing indigenous preachers workshops Pray for James Kambudzi and his three children in their sad loss and the ongoing goat project Give thanks for the provision of a further borehole and pray for blessing on the communities that benefit Pray for the forthcoming visit of Roger & Gill Prime in October Give thanks for the Lord’s provision for the ongoing work of ZPT through the sacrificial gifts of His people

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