2017 Annual Report

The past few weeks have seen dramatic changes in the political situation in Zimbabwe with the events that brought about the resignation of Robert Mugabe as president and the appointment of Emmerson Mnangagwe in his place. We are thankful to the Lord that this change was brought about in a peaceful way and understand the euphoria felt by the majority of the people at the time. However, whilst the believers we have been in touch with since those events are hopeful of change and better days ahead their optimism is tinged with caution as they wait to see what the future will hold. Please continue to pray for the country that the days ahead will see an end to the corruption, oppression and violence of the past and that the days ahead will be marked by justice and compassion and that the elections next year will be both free and fair.

We have been privileged to continue to serve the Lord in ministering to the needs of His people in Zimbabwe during the past year and grateful for the generous support of the churches and individual believers here in the UK that has enabled us to continue this ministry. We reported in April that for our financial year for 2016/17 we have been able to distribute £82,481 and we can now report that at our trustees meeting in November we were able to allocate a further £53,000 from funds received since April.

Supporting churches in their ministry and mission

This support for the ongoing work of the Gospel has been expressed in a variety of ways. In May Derek French and Maciek and Mary Stolarski visited in order for Derek and Maciek to lead the Training of Trainers workshop and Mary to speak at two days of ladies conference, as well as all of them being involved in a married couple’s conference. Derek reported in a very positive way on the Training of Trainers programme: This tenth training visit to Zimbabwe proved to be one of the most profitable so far. The progress made by the men at the TOT course and their ability to pass on the training in the IPW’s bodes well for the future.

These one day Indigenous Preachers Workshops have been held in twelve different locations around the country with almost 400 men attending. Next year it is planned to add a further location and also increase the length of the sessions from one to two days giving more time to spend in training these local pastors.

In October Roger and Gill Prime visited Zimbabwe when Roger had opportunity to speak at day seminars/conferences for pastors and church leaders, as well as speaking at a church conference, whilst Gill had opportunity to speak at three ladies day conferences. Whilst there they were also able to visit a number of humanitarian projects supported through the trust and discuss with our partners on the ground the development of new ventures. Roger and Gill were also able to distribute 500 Ndebele Bibles and 200 Shona New Testaments provided by the Trinitarian Bible Society.

They also spent time at the Theological College of Zimbabwe, where Roger spoke at the chapel service. It was good to speak with Ray Motsi, the principle, and see the way the college is being re-established after the setbacks of last year.

We are encouraged to see the way the humanitarian initiatives have a positive impact on the work of the Gospel as the following report from Gideon Chishamba shows. He is a pastor we work with in providing boreholes in the rural area of Chivi and developing gardens for families to grow their own crops. I and other Pastors in Chivi had a very great meeting with the CEO of Chivi district, who appreciated the work that has been done so far in the district through us and the Churches in Makamure area. He was very much encouraged to hear that the Church is taking part in the development of poor communities. To show his appreciation to the Church, he opened a door for the Church to give devotion to the council staff members twice a week. Pastor Kudzai Chigowi is going to be leading a team that will give devotion to the council workers every Monday and Friday and we would like therefore to ask you to be praying for them as they minister to these government workers. Thank you that the generosity of ZPT that has opened this door for the gospel to be preached in areas where the Church has been finding it hard to have a breakthrough here in Zimbabwe.

Relieving poverty among the churches and their communities

This year has seen the completion of a borehole in Chirogwe, the fourth such venture that has been funded in partnership with Meadow Way Chapel in Norwich. This borehole serves three villages and in addition we will be providing an auxiliary pump and pipe work to supply water from the borehole to give running water in a nearby health clinic. We continue our support of feeding programmes for orphans and needy communities, providing seed for planting, as well as support for the livelihood goat project and orphanages.

However, at our trustees meeting in November we were concerned that we seek to launch some initiatives that would enable individuals and communities to be self-supporting and less dependent on overseas aid. As a result we have allocated funding for the following projects: A Field Centre which will enable the livelihood goat project to expand and also provide training in Foundations for Farming principals. A Community Development Centre to provide training in skills that will equip people to work to support themselves and their families. A wooden porta-cabin to provide classroom facilities for children from a deprived community and a water storage tank. A chicken rearing project that will enable rural families to have a livelihood so they can support themselves.

As trustees we acknowledge the faithfulness of the Lord in providing for our needs throughout the past year that has enabled us to continue and expand the work of supporting the Lord’s people and the work of the Gospel in Zimbabwe. We would also like to express our grateful thanks for your prayerful concern for the needs of the Lord’s people in Zimbabwe and for your generous and practical support of the work.

Items for praise and prayer

Praise God for the generous support of churches and individuals in the UK that has sustained our work through the past year.

Pray that as trustees we may have great wisdom in managing the funds of the trust for the benefit of the Lord’s people and the work of the Gospel in Zimbabwe.

Praise God for the positive impact the Training of Trainers course is having on those men who are being trained and for the development of the Indigenous Preachers Workshops.

Pray that the teaching being passed on in the IPW’s will be effective in training and equipping local pastors to be faithful to God and His Word in their ministry.

Praise God for the opportunity to preach God’s Word to the staff of Chivi Council as a result of the impact of our humanitarian work in that rural area.

Pray for Pastor Kudzai Chigowi and his team as they lead devotions for the council workers each Monday and Friday.

Pray for Maciek & Mary Stolarski and Derek French as they plan a further visit in April for the ToT and conferences.

Pray for the development of self-sustaining projects being funded by ZPT.

If you would like to give to the work of the Trust donations can be made in a number of ways:-

  • Paid in directly at any branch of the Nationwide Building Society, or online, to the account of Zimbabwe Partnership Trust, Account No 33333334 Sort Code 07-00-93 quoting reference 0216/704206836 (Please let Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary, know of your donation.)
  • Online donations can also be made at give.net/20174075
  • By cheque: made payable to Zimbabwe Partnership Trust, Post to: -Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary, as below
  • Handed directly to one of our trustees
  • By standing order - Please contact Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary for the necessary form
  • By using Charities Aid Foundation or Stewardship Services
  • Gift Aid – If you pay Income Tax and would like to make your gift go further by signing a Gift Aid Declaration, please contact Roger Prime, ZPT Secretary for the necessary form

Trustees Chris Boyes (Chairman), Derek French, Stuart Moffatt (Treasurer), Ray Pountney, Gill Prime, Roger Prime (Secretary), Jon Spalding, Anna Stolarski and Maciek Stolarski.

Secretary Roger Prime, 3 Guildhall Road, Worlingham, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 7SE. Tel. 01502 714793 rogerprime@btinternet.com

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Please contact the secretary if you would like to arrange a deputation visit by one of the trustees to speak about the work of the Trust.